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1. Huw do I get the best result?

When you walk away from the tree you should keep your phone in an upright position (not pointing directly at the ground). Walk away approximately the same distance as the height of the tree. It is important that you see the top clearly from the point where you aim at the base and top of the tree.

2. I can´t se the base of the tree because it is concealed.

If you are measuring in a dense forest it could be hard to get a good view at the base of the tree. If you in the beginning marked the tree at breast height you could aim 1.3 meter below the red mark. 

3. Is there any difference between different phones?

Arboreal uses the camera and the internal sensors of the phone. New phones have better cameras and works better in low-light conditions. We have got good measurements from all phones we tested. But we got the impression that we got better results when not using the oldest model Iphone 6S that works with Arboreal.

4. What phone do I need?Arboreal Height of tree uses AR-technology that demands one of the following phone:  Iphone SE, 6S, 7, 7 +, 8, 8 +, X, Xs, Xs Max eller XR. The app also works on Ipad Pro 9,7″ – 12,9″, Ipad Mini 2019 and Ipad 9,7″ (5th and 6th gen) but it is not optimized for the screen size

5.How does it work?

The app creates a 3D environment with the camera and the internal sensors. The user marks the position of a tree and walks some distance from the tree and the inclinometer (angle) is uses to compute the height of the actual tree.

6. When does it not work as usual?

When the sun has set and its really dark, when you are measuring a single tree in a place with no structures (for example a single tree on a snowfield) and when it is really cold and rainy outside because it is not pleasant to touch the screen with your fingers under this circumstances. As a summary it works very good during the conditions when it is usual to do measurements.

7. How accurate is the measurements?

We have done over 50 measurements on objects with known heights. We have a average error under 2 % (RMSE). It means that you in most cases gets estimates within 03-0,4 meters from the actual height, but in some cases you get more. 

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