Import trees to GIS

Import trees to GIS

The iOS-app Arboreal Tree Height saves the GPS coordinates of the trees and you could add them in to a mapping application (GIS). You could download QGIS for free and try it yourself.

Press the share button on the result page in the app. You could then send a csv file and the images to yourself in an email and save them on the computer. Open your mapping application on your computer, in this case QGIS, but it works even better in Arcmap and Arcgis Pro.


Open the dialog to manage data sources on the upper left side of the screen.

Choose the file you want to share, it ends on .csv. It is a file with comma-separated values and it is a very common format when exchanging data.

The projection is very important to get right. It should be EPSG:4326 – WGS 84. The encoding should be UTF-8. Press Add and then close the dialog.

If you choose the tool “identify feature” you could click on the point with the tree and read some information about the tree. You could also right-click on the layer and export it as a shape file.