Arboreal Tree Height

Have you ever wondered how high a tree is? Do you miss the right equipment and don´t want to carry around extra tools? Just pick up your phone and download our app.

It is the worlds first AR-application that lets you measure the height of a tree.

  • Great accuracy
  • Easy to use
  • The best tool is the one that’s always with you

Test five times for free!


How does it work?


Go near the tree and use the button to mark the tree


Move a few meters away from the tree and mark the base and the top of the tree.


The height of the tree is displayed on the screen.

Here is the most common questions from our user and our answers

Our users

With over 60 000 downloads of the app and very positive feedback from the users, we have exceeded our expectations. Here are some of the comments from our users:

Now I don’t need to bring a separate height meter. The accuracy is good compared with a Laser height meter.

Peder Israelsson


Neat and simple to understand. Now I always have a height meter with me when I am outdoors.

Malin Norderman

Forest Nature Conservation Specialist

I think the app works very well! Has tested against Haglöf Vertex altimeter and it gives similar results.

Jonas Jonzen

Forestry research engineer

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