Arboreal - Height of tree is now available on Android

A lot of people have asked for an Android version of our app Arboreal – Height of tree. We have listened and now released it on Google play  We are recommending Android 9 or later and use a phone that support AR. Here is a list of supported phones that support AR.


The app uses the sensors and cameras on the Phone together with AR-technology. There is different sensors and cameras and they have been calibrated in different ways. It makes the result differs between different device models. We have tested the result on some phones that we got available and made a movie about the result. We aim to calibrate Samsung S7, S8, S9 and S10 to get a better result. It is not possible for us to test all different models and we need your help.

Please share your result with us. Tell us what phone model, how many measurements you have done and what you have measured (known height or other method to measure). We will add your experience in the list below. You could make a comment below or send an email to

Samsung S10: Bias  – 0,25 meter per 10 m. (30 measurements – known height).

Samsung S9: Bias – 0,27 meter per 10 m. (4 measurements – known height).

Samsung S8: Bias + 0,125 meter per 10 m (2 measurements – known height).

Samsung J5: Bias – 0,2 meter per 10 m (1 measurements – known height).

Sony Xperia Z2: Bias -0,125 meter per 10 m (1 measurements – known height).

Huawei P 20 Pro: Bias + 0,6 meter per 10 m. (30 measurements – known height).

OnePlus 5 T: Bias + 0,7 meter per 10 m (30 measurements – known height).

You need at least 10 measurements before any conclusions could be made about the bias.

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  1. Suck – min Sony Z5 är inte kompatibel. Väl därför den inte kommer upp när jag söker. Men de alternativa apparna verkar ju funka så får testa dem.

  2. Beror det på att jag har NOKIA6-mobil att jag inte får upp er app i PlayButiken?

  3. Det står att Nokia6 ska stödjas. Kan vara värt att uppgradera Android-operativsystemet och se om det gör skillnad. Det är den äldsta Nokia-modellen som ska stödjas så det kan vara på gränsen.

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