Evaluation of Arboreal Forest with Lidar
Utvärdering av Arboreal Skog med Lidar

Evaluation of Arboreal Forest with Lidar

“We are surprised by how good the results were from the distance measurement and thus the area of the sample plot.”

The forest company Sveaskog has evaluated the app Arboreal Forest. The app uses a Lidar sensor and the method Belt inventory.

The diameter of more than 300 trees were measured and the bias was less than 1 mm. The area of one belt was measured 11 times and the standard deviation was less than 1 % for the whole line. 

Eleven stands were measured and then harvested. The result from Arboreal Forest gained better result than the traditional ways to measure the forests

The report can be downloaded here: 

Arboreal Forest Evaluation Sveaskog Beltinventory