Arboreal Forest – tree species detection

Arboreal Forest – tree species detection

In the latest release of Arboreal Forest we have added three new features. 

In some countries we have added tree species detection. It recognizes Pine, Spruce and Birch. The accuracy is 97 %. We are planning to apply this feature to more countries in October 2020. We need a a lot of images to achieve a high accuracy and we still miss images of many species. If there is a lot of users in a country that submit images it does not take long to get enough images to create a great model.

Another feature is that you could tap on the last marked tree and change the tree species. It is convenient if you forgot to change the species before you are measuring the tree. 

The last feature is that you get a warning if you are trying to measure a tree in which the center is outside of the sample plot. So if you are unsure if you should include a tree, just measure it and let the app decide.

Take a look at the features in this movie.

You could download Arboreal Forest from App Store.