Evaluation of LiDAR for Measuring Diameter on Tree

DM – Diameter with Caliper. DA – Diameter with Arboreal Forest

We at Arboreal are excited to share the results of the latest study that examined the accuracy of two LiDAR-based apps for measuring diameter at breast height (DBH). The study compared our app, Arboreal Forest, with Apple’s own measuring app. Conducted by Stellan Alexandru Borz, Jenny Magali Morocho Toaza, and Andrea Rosario Proto, the study is published in the journal Ecological Informatics 2024 – 81. The results are very promising.

Apple’s measuring app works well for measuring the diameter of individual trees but does not offer the capability to create plots with area calculations, height measurements, volume calculations, and other features required for plot measurements.

High Accuracy and Reliability

The study found that both apps delivered measurements with very high accuracy. Arboreal Forest showed an average deviation (BIAS) of just -0.108 cm compared to manual measurements. The Measure App showed an average deviation of 0.333 cm. These results place the apps close to the manual reference method.

Performs Well on Various Diameters

The measurements covered a wide diameter range from 10 to 89 cm. The results showed that both apps consistently performed well over this range. The mean absolute error (MAE) was less than 1 cm for both apps, demonstrating their reliability regardless of tree diameter.

Useful in Many Environments

The study was conducted under varying weather conditions, including sunny, cloudy, and rainy days. The results showed that environmental conditions had minimal impact on measurement accuracy. This means that Arboreal Forest and Apple’s measuring app are reliable tools for forestry workers in different environments and weather conditions.


In summary, the study confirms that LiDAR-based apps like Arboreal Forest are an excellent alternative to traditional manual measurement methods. They offer high accuracy, are easy to use over a wide diameter range, and perform well in various environments. These features make them valuable tools for modern forest measurement and management.

We are proud that our technology contributes to more efficient and accurate forest management. You can download our Arboreal Forest app from the App Store.