Hooray, Arboreal gets support to develop its app.

Hooray, Arboreal gets support to develop its app.

Together with many other forest companies and research environments, Arboreal has received funds to connect the forestry value chain. It is the EU that, through its strategic innovation and research program Horizon Europe, has granted 8 million Euros to the SINTETIC project.


Arboreal will develop its app Arboreal Forest to be able to collect more high-resolution data from the forest and share its data with other parties in the project. Together with the result from the rest of the project it will increase timber yield, create more efficient supply chains, expand the area of forest, and increase the value of timber and ecosystem services.


The project will start with a kickoff in Barcelona in June.


– It feels very good to be able to create the digital solutions for the forests in the future, says Johan Ekenstedt, founder of Arboreal.


Other participants in the project is for instance:  Microtec, Bluebiloba, Fiskarheden, Simtrona, Boscat, Silvador, Otmetka, Treemetrics, CTFC, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Transylania University of Brasov and many more.